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Psuedo-hanbalis rant on taqlid in Usul

Posted by muhammedm on December 23, 2010

أبدأُ بالحمدِ مُصَلِّياً على مُحمَّدٍ خَيِر نبيْ أُرســـــِلا

One of the fitan of our times is the distortion of information. Anyone who reads the material of some of these people who place themselves as flagbearers of the truth can see the hypocrisy and ignorance embedded in their writing, mostly due to hatred for one group or another. With the object of destroying the Ahlus Sunnah Kalam schools, this individual, unknowingly, contradicted the school that he claims to be with, the same was done by the scholar that his likes reference frequently. The mas’alah in this particular post is regarding the first thing that is wajib on a person. The individual said, “This obligation of ‘not being a Muqallid in Aqeedah’ has everything to do with Ilm al-Kalam principle of ‘the first obligation of a human’ – which according to them is to do ‘Nathar’ or ‘to look into the world to find out via Aql that Allah exists – both layman and scholar are the same in this’.” Now I’ll present the views of the true Hanbali scholars who spent their lives learning and teaching the Athari creed, unlike the individual who made the remark.

-‘Allamah as-Saffarini al-Khalwati in his Mandhuma writes, “the first wajib on the slave is ma’rifah (knowledge) of God with certainty.”

– Shaykh ‘AbdulBaqi al-Muwahabi al-Hanbali writes, “The knowledge (ma’rifah) of Allah ta’ala is wajib according to the law, from that which has come from the law is an-Nadhar (reflecting) in the existance and that which exists upon every able responsible person, and it is the first Wajib from Allah ta’ala.” Pg 29 al-‘Ayn wal Athar

– ‘Allamah as-Saffarini writes in his commentary, “Our Ulema (the Hanabilah) and others prohibit taqlid in the knowledge (ma’rifa) of Allah ta’ala, in Tawhid, Risalah, and likewise in the five pillars and those similar to it which are known through tawatur and are famous according to Imam Ahmed and most (of the scholars). Abu al-Khattab has mentioned that the opinion is according to the ‘Aama (most or general) of the scholars, and others have mentioned that it’s the opinion of the majority as is stated in Sharh Tahrir. And al-Halwani and others from our companions (Hanabilah) have stated that it’s prohibited to do taqlid in Usul al-Din.” Page 220.

– This opinion is also held by Imam Ibn Hamdan al-Hanbali, Qadi Abu Ya’la and others from the Hanabilah.

– Imam Saffarini also says, “yes his state is that which can decrease (when doing taqlid), and sometimes the individual (who does taqlid) is mutazalzil al-Iman (his faith is shaky), so the truth is that he is sinful for leaving contemplation (an-Nathar) even though he has iman.

So where does this psuedo-hanbali come from criticizing the ‘Ashariah and the Maturidis. Even though some have said taqlid is not allowed at all, this is a minority opinion in all of the three schools, but the Rajih opinion is Iman of a Muqallid is Sahih. For a detailed discussion refer to ‘Allama Saffarini’s discussion in his Lawami’ and Nihayatul Mubtadi’in of Ibn Hamdan for the proofs.

Ma’ Salamah


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