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Imam Ad-Dhahabi on the Mujaddid’s

Posted by muhammedm on December 4, 2010

أبدأُ بالحمدِ مُصَلِّياً على مُحمَّدٍ خَيِر نبيْ أُرســـــِلا

“Al-Hakim said, I heard Hassan bin Muhammed say, We were in the gathering of Ibn Surayj[i] in the year 303 hijri, a scholar from the people of knowledge stood up, and said, “gald tidings O Qadi (Ibn Surayj), for Allah ta’ala raises one who revives the matter of the religion in every century, and Allah ta’ala raised in the 1st century ‘Umar bin ‘AbdilAziz, in the 2nd century Muhammed bin Idris as-Shafi’, and has raised you in the 3rd century, then he began to say two of them have gone… I (Imam Dhahabi) say, “in the 4th century was Shaykh Abu Hamid al-Isfarayini, in the 5th century Abu Hamid al-Ghazali[ii], in the 6th century al-Hafidh ‘AbdulGhani, and in the 7th century our Shaykh Abul Fath Ibn Daqiq al-‘Id[iii]”. (Siyar Vol 3, page 470 under Ibn Surayj)


[i] In regards to the statement of Ibn Surayj saying, “we don’t uphold or believe in the ta’wil of Mu’tazili, al-As’ari, al-Jahimiya…” Then it should be known that the report is broken due to the gap of 74 years between the two narrators (Ibn Surayj who died in 306 Hijri and Az-Zanjani who died in the year 380 Hijri).

[ii] Imam Dhahabi after quoting Imam Ghazali’s aqidah points writes, “These beliefs, most of them are correct, and some of them I don’t understand, and some of them there is different between the people of madhab. It’s is suffienct for a muslim to believe in Allah ta’ala, His angels, His books, Hs prophets, destiny the good and bad, resurrection, and there is nothing like Allah ta’ala, and what has been mentioned regarding the divine attributes is true, and is passed as it has come. And the Quran is the speech of Allah ta’ala and what has been revealed, and it is not created and other (points of belief) which has consensus of the Ummah, the one who has deviated isn’t taken into consideration. So if the Ummah disagrees in a matter which is from the difficult Usul of the Din (Aqidah), it is necessary that we stay silent and to relegate it to Allah ta’ala and say, “Allah and His Prophet know best” So Allah ta’ala have mercy on Imam Abu Hamid, for where is someone who is like him in knowledge and virtue but we do not claim for him being free of mistakes, and there is no Taqlid in Usul.” (Imam Dhahabi in Siyar vol 4, page 566)

[iii] The Shafi’,Maliki Ashari’ Faqih. Ibn Hajar quotes Imam Dhahabi saying in the bio of Sa’d ud Din al-Harithi, “Ibn al-Daqiq al-‘Id would flee from him because of him affirming jiha (direction) and would say, “he’s a caller to it” he would prohibit mixing with him. And it is said, that he’s (al-Harithi) the one who wanted to remove or destroy the published work ‘al-Imam’ of Ibn Daqiq al-‘Id after he finished it, so nothing remained except for that which was printed in the author’s time.


2 Responses to “Imam Ad-Dhahabi on the Mujaddid’s”

  1. Ahmed said

    Mashallah. Excellent quote bro. Hope you continue blogging.

  2. Ibn Thahir said

    Mashallah! I always thought that Imam Dhahabi dint held Imam Ghazali high.

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