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Salat at-Tasbih: Bida’?

Posted by muhammedm on April 16, 2010

أبدأُ بالحمدِ مُصَلِّياً على مُحمَّدٍ خَيِر نبيْ أُرســـــِلا

Hafidh Ibn Salah in his fatawa answers regarding Salat at-Tasbih, if it’s bida’ or not and is there reward in performing it: “yes, he will be rewarded (for performing it) and those who pray will be rewarded if they are sincere, it’s a sunnah not a bida’. It’s been narrated on the authority of Sayyidina Rasulluah, and the hadith is hasan, relied and depended up on matters similar to it, especially in ‘Ibadat and Fada’il. A group from the Imams of hadith have narrated it in their relied works: Abu Dawud as-Sijistani, Abu ‘Isa at-Tirmidhi, Abu ‘Abdillah bin Majah, An-Nasa’i, and others. Hakim Abu ‘Abdillah the Hafidh narrated it in his Sahih, al-Mustadrak. The narration has many chains and they support and strenghten each other, the author of At-Tatma mentioned it in his work. The one who rebukes others on this isn’t right, and it’s not specified to the night of Juma’ as it has come in the hadith, Allah ta’ala knows best. Page 109 Fatawa Ibn as-Salah.

Imam Tirmidhi says after narration the narration of Sayyidina Anas, “the hadith of Anas is a Hasan Gharib narration”. He goes on to say, “Ibn al-Mubarak and others from the people of knowledge were of the opinion of Salat at-Tasbih”. Meaning the Salaf.

Hafidh ibn Hajar in al-‘Amal al-Mukaffarah says due to the different chains, the hadith is Hasan li-ghayri and the actions of the Salaf and the khalaf strenghthens it. “There’s no problem with the men in the chain, Imam Bukhari sought proof from ‘Ikramah, and Hakim is Saduq, and Yahya ibn Ma’in said regarding Musa bin ‘Abdil Aziz “i don’t deem anything wrong with him”, an-Nasai’ said like wise. Ibn al-Madini said, “this isnad contains the conditions of Hasan, and it has secondary proofs which strenghten it.”

Hafidh al-Munthari says in at-Targhib after mentioning the hadith of ‘Ikramah on the authority of Sayyidina Ibn ‘Abbas, “this hadith has been narrated through many chains, and on the authority of group from the Sahabahs. This hadith of ‘Ikramah is like those, a group authenticated it from them: Hafidh Abu Bakr al-Ajuri, our Shaykh Abu Muhammed AbdurRahim al-Misri, our shaykh Hafidh ABul Hasan al-Maqdisi, Abu Bakr bin Abi Dawud said, I heard my father (Imam Abu Dawud) say, “there’s isn’t a sahih narration regarding Salat at-Tasbih except for this”, Muslim bin al-Hajjaj said, “there’s no chain regarding Salat at-
Tasbih than this one, meaning the hadith of ‘Ikramah on the authority of Ibn Abbas.”

The Muhaqqiq of Fatawa writes: “Huffadh and Muhaddithun have differed regarding the hadith on Salat-at-Tasbih, a group said all of it is weak, and it’s not prescriped, from there are: Hafidh al-Uqayli, Abu Bakr bin al-Arabi, al-Qazwini al-Khatib, and Ibn al-Jawzi exaggerated and placed it al-Mawdu’at! Al-Mizzi, Ibn Taymiyya as Ibn ‘Abdil Hadi states regarding this weakened it as well, Imam Ahmed and his companions weakened it as well as Ibn Taymiyya and others mentioned, and some of the contemporary go with this.”
“The other group authenticated it, either through the famous chain of Ibn Abbas or because of the many chains: Hafidh Abu Musa al-Madini, wrote a treatise on it, Hafidh Daraqutni, Imam Nawawi in al-Adhkar and Tahdhib, however he weakens it in al-Majmu’, Hafidh Ibn al-Mandah, al-Ajuri, al-Khatib, who wrote a seperate treatist on it, Abu Bakr Sa’d as-Sam’ani, who wrote a seperate treatise on it, Abul Hasan bin al-Mufaddal, Hafidh Mundhiri, the author (ibn Salah), Taqi as-Subki. Zarakhshi, al-‘Alai, Hafidh ibn Nasir ud din wrote a treatise on it, Hafidh ibn Hajar wrote a treatise on it. Hafidh Suyuti wrote a treatise on it, and many others…”

As a side point, some scholars have declared the narration fabricated, Ibn al-Jawzi (kitab al-Mawdu’at) and Ibn Taymiyya (Furu’ li Ibn Muflih), both of them are known for their tashdid and aren’t considered the final say. If i’m not mistaken, there are no fabricated reports in Sunan at-Tirmidhi or Sunan Abi Dawud, so to say it’s fabricated and use that, is incorrect. One thing to notice is that none of the scholars have said it’s bida’, rather they’ve said it’s weak or it’s not established. I don’t know how anyone can say it’s bida’ when we have narrations, and on top of that the ‘amal of the salaf. One of the later scholars who wrote on this is ‘Allama Abdul Hayy al-Lucknawi, a must read.

Wa ‘alaykumus Salam


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