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Imam Dhahabi considered Imam Abu Hanifa to be Thiqa

Posted by muhammedm on December 23, 2009

أبدأُ بالحمدِ مُصَلِّياً على مُحمَّدٍ خَيِر نبيْ أُرســـــِلا

Imam ad-Dhahabi included Imam Abu Hanifa in his book Tadhkiratul Huffadh; He says in the beginning of the work, “This book includes the names of those who are the carriers of the prophetic knowledge, and those whose Ijtihad is sought in regards to Tawthiq and Tad’if, Tashih and Tazyif.

In his ‘Tahdhib Tahdhib al-Kamal’ Hafidh Dhahabi narrates the Tawthiq of Ibn Ma’in, as was mentioned in the earlier post regarding ‘Allama Mizzi’s opinion of Imam Abu Hanifa. In the end of the portion on Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Dhahabi says, “Our Shaykh Abul Hajjaj (al-Mizzi) has done great for he didn’t mention anything that would result in his Tad’if”. This gives more strength to Hafidh Dhahabi’s position on Imam Abu Hanifa, and doesn’t leave any doubt whatsoever.

Correcting a misunderstanding

In some of the printed works of al-Mizan, a book by Hafidh Dhahabi, the biographical note on Imam Abu Hanifa is inserted by someone else. For he says in his introduction to Mizal al-‘Itidal, “and likewise I won’t mention in my book anyone from the Imams who are followed, for their high rank in Islam and the greatness that people have for them, such as Imam Abu Hanifa, As-Shafi’I, and al-Bukhari”.

‘Allama Nu’mani says, “the one who printed the work excused himself by saying, “when this biographical note wasn’t in one of the copy, and it was in another copy, I placed it in the Hashiya (on the bottom of the page)”. And the supplier of al-Mizan in Egypt placed it in the text without any excuse. The truth is that this biographical note is tainted and fabricated, for he didn’t give any biographical note in al-Mizan, what’s conjectured is that some of those who read the Mizan wrote these words in the bottom of the page, then some of the transcribers placed it in the actual text. ‘Allama Lucknawi in his Gayth al-Ghammam ‘ala Hawashi Imam al-Kalam says, “this paragraph isn’t in some of the relied upon copies from what I have myself seen with my eyes.”

Many scholars, from them ‘Allama Iraqi, Suyuti, Sakhawi, said regarding his method in al-Mizan, “he didn’t mention any of the Sahabas or any of the Imams that are followed”.
‘Allama Muhammed bin Isma’il al-Amir al-Yamani, the author of SubalasSalam, in his work, ‘Tawdih ul Afkar li Ma’ani Tanqih al-Anthar’, “Imam Abu Hanifa wasn’t given a biographical note in al-Mizan, Nawawi wrote a biographical note in at-Tahdhib, and he prolonged his biographical note, and he didn’t mention him being Da’if”.

Sources: Makantul Imam Abi Hanifa fil Hadith and al-Imam Ibn Majah both by ‘Allama Nu’mani.

Conclusion: Hopefully the above clarifies the matter of al-Mizan, to summarize, Hafidh Dhahabi mentioned him in Tadhikiratul Huffadh, Tahdhib Tahdhib al-Kamal, and only in the introduction to Mizan in which he states he won’t mention the Imams, from them he explicitly mentioned Imam Abu Hanifa, all of this leads to one conclusion, he considered Imam Abu Hanifa to be thiqah.

Wa ‘alaykumus Salam
More to follow regarding other Ulema.
In need of your dua’.


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