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Hafidh Mizzi’s Tawthiq, even after reading ‘Allama Khatib Baghdadi’s work!

Posted by muhammedm on December 22, 2009

أبدأُ بالحمدِ مُصَلِّياً على مُحمَّدٍ خَيِر نبيْ أُرســـــِلا

I recently received an email from a brother regarding this issue of Imam Abu Hanifa being weak in hadith. So I thought I should add a few more words from different authors: Hafidh Mizzi doesn’t need an intro, if someone does want to know about him, it’s enough to say he was the Shaykh of Imam Dhahabi and is considered from amongst the greatest of scholars in the science of hadith narrator criticism.

“Hafidh Abul Hajjaj al-Mizzi says in his intro to Tahdhib al-Kamal: ‘Know that what is in this book from the sayings of the Imam of Jarh wa ta’dil and others like it for a good portion of them are taken from ‘Kitab al-Jarh wa’ ta’dil’ of Abi Muhammed ‘Abdir Rahman bin Abi Hatim ar-Razi al-Hafidh bin ul Hafidh, and from the book ‘Al-Kamil’ of Abi Ahmed ‘Abdillah bin ‘Adi’ al-Jurjani al-Hafidh, and from the book ‘Tarikh Baghdad’ of Abi Bakr Ahmed bin ‘Ali bin Thabit al-Khatib al-Baghdadi al-Hafidh, and from the book ‘Tarikh Dimishq’ of Abi Qasim ‘Ali bin al-Hasan bin Hibatillah known as Ibn ‘Asakir ad-Dimishqi al-Hafidh, and what is written from other than these four works are fewer than what is narrated from those works…

“This work comprises of those who carried knowledge, and narrations, and the Imams of the Din, and people of fatwa, Zuhd, War’, Nusuk, and commonly famous individuals from every group of people of knowledge who are depended on from those various groups and only a few are excluded. So whoever wants more information, then he should look at after reading the four works mentioned above, At-Tabaqat al-Kubra…

In the Muqaddimah Hafidh al-Mizzi writes, “Whatever narration isn’t mentioned with an isnad between us and the narrator, if that is with the grammatical form of decisiveness {such as Qala (he said) or Sami’tu (I heard) as opposed to Qila (it was said) and this is the case with the quotes below}then we don’t have any problem with those in the isnad from whom it is related from, and whatever is in the grammatical form of weakness, then sometimes there is doubt in the isnad going back to the narrator.”

He writes in Tahdhib, “Muhammed bin Sa’d al-‘Awfi said, I heard Yahya bin Ma’in say, “Abu Hanifa was Thiqa, it would only narrate what he had memorized, and wouldn’t narrate anything he didn’t memorize”, Salih bin Muhammed al-Asadi al-Hafidh said, ‘I heard Yahya bin Ma’in say, “Abu Hanifa was thiqah in hadith”, Ahmed bin Muhammed bin al-Qasim bin Muhriz said on the authority of Yahya bin Ma’in, ‘There was nothing wrong (La Ba’s) with Abu Hanifa”, and once he said, “Abu Hanifa according to us is from the people of truth, he hasn’t been accused of lying”.

It’s established from this explicit statement that the Tawthiq of Imam Abu Hanifa is established by Ibn Ma’in, and it is Sahih without a doubt.

Wa ‘alaykumus Salam
More to follow regarding other Ulema.
In need of your dua’.

Source for the above: Makanatu Imam Abi Hanifa fil Hadith li ‘Allama Nu’mani


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