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‘Allama as-Saffirini’s commentary on the lowering the Izar

Posted by muhammedm on June 30, 2009

أبدأُ بالحمدِ مُصَلِّياً على مُحمَّدٍ خَيِر نبيْ أُرســـــِلا

The following is a snippet from the Shaykh’s commentary:

Sufyan narrated to us, on the authority of Zayd bin Aslam, Sayyidina Ibn ‘Umar told his grandson, ‘Abdullah bin Waqid, “O my son, I heard the Prophet of Allah ta’ala say, “Allah ta’ala will not look at a person who drags/lets down (Jarra) his pants (Izar) arrogantly.”

Dawud bin Qays narrated Zayd bin Aslam’s narration with the addition of the event surrounding the saying, he said, “My father sent me to Sayyina Ibn ‘Umar, (when I arrived) I asked, “Can I enter?” he recognized my voice, and said, “what is this my son? When you go to someone, say “as-Salamu ‘Alaykum”, and if they respond, then ask ‘can I enter’, he said, then he saw his son and his outer garment was being dragged (was hanging), so he (Sayyidina ‘ibn Umar) said, “raise your pants, for indeed I have heard”…he mentioned the hadith.” Imam Ahmed narrated it.

Jarra – trail on the ground, drag along.
Izar – piece of clothing which is tied on the waist, and goes below it (the waist)
Khayla’ – arrogance (takabbur)
Isbal – to let the clothing (Izar) hang down

Commentary by ‘Allama as-Saffarini:
‘What is gained (from the ahadith) is that sometimes, to let it hang (isbal) is with pride, and other times without pride. The first is haram, according to the most correct position, and the second is sometimes due to a necessity, and at other times without necessity. The first one is without dislike when it’s done without deceit otherwise it’s haram, and the second is makruh, and it is doing Isbal without need, or pride, or deceit, because of the saying of the prophet, “whatever is below the ankles is in the fire”…. He said in the middle of the Marfu’ hadith, “and raise your Izar until the middle of the shin, and if your staying in your house then until the ankles (above them), avoid doing isbal of the Izar, for it is indeed from pride, and Allah ta’ala doesn’t like arrogance (of a person).”…. Imam Bukhari and Imam Nasai narrated on the authority of Sayyidina Abi Hurayra on the authority of the Prophet, “what is below the ankles from the Izar is in the fire.”
Source: Sharh Thulathiyat Musnad al-Imam Ahmed by ‘Allama as-Saffarini

There are many ahadith where the Prophet, peace be upon him, ordered the companions to raise their pants above the ankles, from them Sayyidina Umar, Sayyidina Sufyan, etc. The actions of the companions are clear, especially through the hadith of Sayyidina Ibn Umar who advised his grandson to higher it, and this was after the passing of Sayyidina Muhammed, peace be upon him, from this world. We can understand the practice of the noble companions through the hadith, and the importance they gave to raising it.

Wal Hamdulillahi ta’ala.


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