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‘Allama As-Saffarini on Hasan narrating from ‘Ali (Allah ta’ala be pleased with him)

Posted by muhammedm on March 18, 2009

Majority of the ‘Ulema and Huffadh from the Imams of this science reject al-Hasan al-Basri (Allah ta’ala have mercy on him) hearing from Sayyidina ‘Ali (Allah ta’ala be pleased with him). A group from the later Imams and the authoritative Huffadh took this position, amongst them Shaykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyya. And a group from the Huffadh confirmed it, from them Al-Hafidh Diya’ ud Din al-Maqdisi al-Hanbali in his “al-Mukhtara”, for he said, “al-Hasan narrated from ‘Ali (Allah ta’ala be pleased with him)”. And it’s said, “he didn’t hear from him”, Al-Hafidh bin Hajar wrote after this sentence in his “Atraaf al-Mukhtara”, “it’s known with consensus that al-Hasan was born two years before the end of the Khilafa of Sayyidina Umar (Allah ta’ala be pleased with him). His mother, Khayra, was the servant of Umm Salama (Allah ta’ala be pleased with her). She would take him to the Sahaba (Allah ta’ala be pleased with them all) to bless him. She took him to Umar, and he made dua’ for him, “O Allah ta’ala give him understanding in religion, and make people love him.” Al-Hafidh Jamal ud Din al-Mizzi mentioned it in his at-Tahdhib and al-‘Askari with his chain narrated in Kitab al-Muwa’iz.

From what is known about him is that when he reached the age of seven he was commanded to pray, and so he would attend the Juma’ and the congragrattional prayers. Then how can al-Hasan’s hearing from ‘Ali be denied? While he would meet the Sahaba everyday in the Masjid, five times a day from the time he could discern (Mayyaza) until he reached 14 years of age, and while knowing that the commander of the believers would visit the mothers of the believers, and from them is Umm Salama, and Hasan and his mother were in her (Umm Salama’s) house. It’s also mentioned from Hasan al-Basri which indicates his hearing from ‘Ali, Al-Mizzi in his Tahdhib mentioned with chain that includes Abi Nu’aym on the authority of Yunus bin ‘Ubayd, he said, “I asked al-Hasan, “O Aba Sa’id, you say “The Prophet (peace be upon him) said”, while you have not seen him?” He (al-Hasan) said, “O son of my brother, you have asked me about something that no one has asked before you, and if it wasn’t for your position with me I would not tell you, you know the time in which I lived, when al-Hajjaj governed. Every time you have heard from me saying, “the Prophet (peace be upon him) said”, that is on the authority of ‘Ali bin Abi Talib, (I didn’t mention him because) I was living in a time in which I was not able to mention ‘Ali.

Imam Ahmed has narrated in his Musnad: “Hashim narrated, Yusuf narrated on the authority of Hasan, on the authority of ‘Ali, who said, “I heard the Prophet (peace be upon him) say, “the pen has been lifted from three: from a child until he reaches puberty, from a person who is sleeping until he wakes up, and from an insane person until he comes to his senses.” At-Tirmidhi narrated it, and declared it Hasan, Nasai and al-Hakim narrated it as well. Ad-Diya’ al-Maqdisi authenticated it in his “al-Mukhtara”. Al-Hafidh Zayn ud Din al-‘Iraqi said in Sharh at-Tirmidhi, “’Ali bin al-Madini said, “Hasan saw ‘Ali in Madina, when he was a young child (ghulam). Abu Zar’ah said, “Hasan was 14 years old when ‘Ali was pledged (bay’ah), and he saw ‘Ali in Madina, then he went to Kufa then Basra and Hasan didn’t meet him after that. Hasan said, “I saw Az-Zubayr (Allah ta’ala be pleased with him) pledge to ‘Ali.” End of ‘Iraqi’s words.

Ad-Daraqutni has narrated a number of ahadith from Ali via Hasan, likewise Nasai, Tahawi, indeed a group from those who authored works narrated a number of ahadith with these two in them. Hafidh ibn Hajar said in Tahdhib at-Tahdhib, “Yahya bin Ma’in said, “Al-Hasan didn’t narrate from ‘Ali bin Abi Talib. It was said, “Did he not hear from Uthman (Allah ta’ala be pleased with him)?” They narrated from him saying, “I saw ‘Uthman giving a khutba.” More than one (scholar) has said, “He didn’t hear from ‘Ali.” When ‘Ali left (his residence) after ‘Uthman was made Shahid, Hasan was in Madina, then he lived in Basra and died there.

Hafidh said, “It comes in the Musnad of Abi Ya’la al-Musali, he said, “Juwayriya bin Isriin narrated to us, ‘Uqba bin Abi As-Suhba’ al-Bahili informed us, I heard al-Hasan say, “I heard ‘Ali say, “The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “The likeness of my Ummah is that of rain…”hadith. Muhammed bin Al-Hasan bin As-Sayrifi said, “This is clear/explicit text regard al-Hasan hearing from ‘Ali, and the men (in the chain) are trustworthy. Ibn Hibban declared Juwayriya as trustworthy, and Imam Ahmed and Ibn Ma’in declared ‘Uqbah as trustworthy.

Source: Sharh Thulathiyat Musnad Imam Ahmed by ‘Allama Saffarini


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‘Allama As-Saffarini Athari Hanbali (Allah ta’ala have mercy on him)

Posted by muhammedm on March 17, 2009

He is Abul ‘Awn Sham ud Din Muhammed bin Ahmed bin Salim As-Saffarini born in the year 1114 Hijri Saffarin, a village in Nabulus, and raised there. He studied the primary sciences from the Ulema of Nabulus, and then traveled to Damascus, fortress of knowledge and ‘Ulema. He read with Shaykh Al-Jalil AbdulQadir At-Taghlabi his commentary on Dalil at-Talib, and debated with him on some of the matters. He read the following with Shaykh AbdulGhani An-Nabulusi: Arbai’in, the Thulathiyat of Bukhari and Musnad Imam Ahmed, and attended his durus on Tafsir Baydawi. He read Sharh Jam’ al-Jawami’ of Mahalli, Sharh Al-Kifaya of Jami, Sharh Al-Qatr of Fakahi with Shaykh Ahmed al-Minini, and would attend his durus on Sahih. In the year of 1148 Hijri, he performed the obligatory Hajj, and heard al-Musalsal Bil Awwaliya and the beginning of the six books with Shaykh Muhammed Hayat al-Sindhi. He passed away in the year 1188 Hijri in Nabulus.

From his works include:

1. Al-‘Aqida al-Farida
2. It’s Sharh entitled Lawami’ Al-Anwar Al-Bahiyya wa Sawati’ al-Asrar al-Athariya Li Sharh Ad-Durra al-Madiyya fi ‘aqd al-Firqa al-Mardiyya.
3. Sharh Fadail al-‘Amal of Diya’ Al-Maqdisi
4. Nafaath As-Sadri al-Mukmadi bi Sharh Thulathiyat al-Musnadi.
5. Sharh ‘Umdatul Ahkam
6. Sharh Nuniyya As-Sarsariyyi
7. Al-Mulhul Gharamiyyati Sharh Manthuma ibn Farh Al-Lamiyyati
8. Sharh ud Dalil
9. Al-Buhur Az-Zakhiratu fi ‘ulum al-Akhira
10. Tahbir al-wafa fi Siratil Mustafa
11. Ghidha ul Albabi Bi Sharh Mandhumatil Aadabi.
12. Al-Jawab al-Muharrar fi kashfi Hali al-Khidr al-Iskandar
13. At-Tahqiq fi Butlan at-Talfiq
14. Al-Qawl al-‘Aliyyu Sharh Athari Sayyidina al-Imam ‘Ali.
15. Nataij al-Afkar Sharh Hadithi Sayyid al-Istighfar
16. Fadl al-Faqir As-Sabir
17. Muntakhab az-Zuhd li Imam Ahmed
18. Ta’ziyatul Labib

Books by ‘Allama As-Saffariniyyaالسفاريني&Mode=0&Page=1&orderby=rdate&dir=desc

Sources: Al-‘Aqida As-Saffariniyya

Sharh Thulathiyyat Musnad Imam Ahmed

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